On the Issues

I will be a stalwart fighter for our low and middle income earners, and I will champion the protection and expansion of our most fundamental rights.

Voting Rights 


  • Implement ranked-choice voting. 

Political races with large numbers of candidates should not be able to be won with small pluralities.

  • Implement two week early voting. 

Every voter that votes early is a voter that does not have to wait in excessive line to vote on election day. Early voting increases turnout.

  • Establish permanent no-excuse vote by mail. 

Vote by mail allows voters to research candidates from the comfort of their home, and has been successfully implemented in both blue and red states.

  • Establish an independent commission for drawing federal and state district maps, and abolishing gerrymandering via constitutional amendment. 

Voters should pick their politicians, and not the other way around. An independent commission would take districting out of the hands of the legislature.

  • Enact same-day voter registration.

  • Abolish the anti-democratic "county line" ballot design.

  • Publicly finance state and local elections.




  • Vaccinate our teachers.

  • Establish a commission to investigate:

    • Disparities in COVID-19 vaccine distribution among New Jersey’s counties and communities

    • Quantities of missing or lost vaccine doses


Revamp our state’s cyber infrastructure


Municipalities, utilities, and hospitals nationwide have been subject to cyber “ransomware” attacks, resulting in millions of dollars in lost money to ransom payments. We must overhaul our cyber infrastructure and establish best practices regarding data storage to minimize our vulnerability to these attacks.




As an educator, I have seen first hand how resilient our students have been in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet despite their immense resilience, our students are struggling with nontraditional learning environments. We must open our schools when it is safe to do so. We must vaccinate our teachers.

  • Ensure New Jersey’s public schools continue to be funded adequately.

  • Promote equity in public K-12 education, in college and trade preparedness, in the arts, and in STEM education.

  • For students whose future is in college and for those for whom it is not, we must prepare our students for our 21st century economy.





  • Low and middle income residents cannot shoulder any new taxes. Period. 

  • Increase the child and dependent tax credit.

  • We must invest in our small business owners and create an environment where diverse small businesses can thrive.

  • Our communities of color must always be given a seat at the table when considering new budget proposals. 

  • Exercise fiscal stewardship in every state budget. 

    • The effects on our low and middle income earners must be analyzed critically in every budget I vote on.

    • I support Governor Murphy’s state “baby bonds” proposal in addition to Senator Booker’s federal proposal.

    • I support the millionaires tax and home rebate bill passed in September 2020.





Carbon neutrality by 2050 is too late. The time for carbon neutrality was a decade ago and that time has long passed. We must:

  • Achieve a carbon negative energy output.

  • Invest heavily in renewable energy, and promote sustainable energy growth with the myriad jobs that accompany it. 

  • Learn from the successes and shortcomings of other states and nations to diversify our energy generation.



Public Transportation


It is time to modernize our public transportation. I fully support the electrification of our busses. Our state has a great deal to learn from other nations with respect to modernizing our train infrastructure. Faster trains and more stringent standards on delays are critical to our large commuting population.




The people need to be able to see what our state government does in a manner that is easy to digest and practical, with a way to give feedback on policy proposals and new legislation. I pledge to provide a weekly video address regarding the happenings of the Assembly, including the status of pending and future legislation.

  • Publicly display the text of all bills voted on a week before voting to ensure time for public comments.


Cannabis Legalization


The legislature should have taken the initiative on legalizing cannabis years ago, following the lead of states with successful implementation such as Colorado. Any bill regarding legalization must include a provision for expunging convictions of simple possession charges. By waiting until voters passed a constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis, our state has missed out on years of revenue and a golden opportunity to remediate past injustice.





I will introduce a constitutional amendment on day one to prohibit any agreements between New Jersey counties and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding detaining of immigrants.


LGBT+ Rights


I applaud our legislature on the progress made in recent years to expand LGBT+ rights in New Jersey, but there is still work to do to create an inclusive environment free of hatred and bigotry.


On all issues, I will commit to introducing and voting on legislation based on the needs of our communities and not the political consequences of the vote.